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Risk factors for youth to use alcohol and other drugs:

Community Risk Factors

  • The availability of drugs

  • Availability of firearms

  • Community laws and norms favorable towards drug use

  • Firearms and crime

  • Media portrayals of violence

  • Transitions and mobility

  • Low neighborhood attachment

  • Community disorganization

  • Extreme Economic deprivation

Family Risk Factors

  • Family history of problem behavior

  • Family management problems

  • Family conflict

  • Favorable parental attitudes and involvement in the problem behavior

Individual/Peer Risk Factors

  • Early and persistent antisocial behavior

  • Rebelliousness

  • Friends who engage in the problem behavior

  • Favorable attitudes towards the problem behavior

  • Constitutional factors

School Risk Factors

  • Academic failure beginning in late elementary school

  • Lack of commitment to school

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