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Safe Homes Pledge Project

Pomeroy is a Community of Caring where adults agree that it's our job to keep kids safe. Join us in taking the pledge to create safe environments for our youth!

The Pomeroy Safe Homes Pledge

Sign the Safe Homes Pledge

Please indicate if you would like any of the following items mailed to you free of charge

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Safe Homes Pledges Agree to:

  • Strive every day to create a safe home for all.

  • Safely store and secure all prescription drugs and medications. Free prescription drug lock boxes can be provided by the Garfield County Health District.

  • Never serve or provide alcohol to anyone under 21.

  • Never provide tobacco, marijuana, vaping products, or other substances to anyone under 21.

Other Ways To Keep A Safe Home

  • Utilize gun locks for firearms and always encourage gun safety. Free gun locks can be provided by the Garfield County Sheriff's Office.

  • Encourage open communications about the dangers of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco products, and vaping.

  • Be sure of what you say and how you say it. Speak to youth with respect and support.

  • Talk often and encourage everyone to share thoughts and feelings.

  • Encourage the behavior you want by praising children often for positive qualities and actions.

  • Engage youth in friendly conversation. Talk about your interests and show interest in what they like. Ask for their opinions and listen attentively.

  • Encourage kindness- don't allow violence or cruelty in your home..

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